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File: 💾 timeparadox.gif (78.51 KB, 750x600)
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Report site bugs in this thread.
Once the issue has been dealt with(or isn't considered an issue), your post will be deleted

If you believe the bug may pose a security risk to Heyuri or its users please contact me directly here.
If you want in the webring you need to add it to your site, but it's only been made for vichan, lynx, and whatever the guy at fatchan uses **he built his board himself so he may be able to help out** thus far. Smug and julay is where you'll find most of the information about the webring, use the catalogs and read the meta threads. '''You'll also need at least one participating board to include you in their webring for your site to show up at all anywhere.'''
Aint no tech person or nothin so sorry if I don't use the correct jargon
Also you would do well to be forthright about whether or not you will be allowing free or restricted board creation. Allowing for at least restricted, as in you decide whether or not you want that board on heyuri, is a boon that might do well for you.
I don't want to allow user board creation because they will turn into circle jerks(just like Reddit).
Thanks for the help friend!
why the fuck is the captcha case sensitive?
It was on my todo list to change that I just sorta forgot.
Captcha shouldn't be case sensitive now.
the media player is very slow and crashes alot
>You will not impersonate any indivisual.

Also are you gonna be using the .cf domain or is it just a place holder? .xyz is pretty cheap and you will actually own it
It's the same media player vichan uses
Thanks for pointing out that typo
I'm poor, and already spending a significant amount on hosting. Maybe in the future if people are willing to donate. I just don't want to be a cheapskate and the community isn't large enough to justify ads.
File: 💾 screenshot (11).png (50.29 KB, 1528x235)
50.29 KB
Also when I'm looking at the threads from the index and I put my mouse over (for example) ">>>27" (which is in the "omitted replies") it doesn't show me the post
File: 💾 capture.png (151.27 KB, 1890x893)
151.27 KB
sidebar should be affected by theme change
Apparently the theme dies everytime I click a link, to a different board, or to open a thread, or whatever. The theme becomes that white/black stuff.
Try clearing your cache/cookies
Theme should be global now

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