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Report site bugs in this thread.
Once the issue has been dealt with(or isn't considered an issue), your post will be deleted

If you believe the bug may pose a security risk to Heyuri or its users please contact me directly here.
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Apparently the theme dies everytime I click a link, to a different board, or to open a thread, or whatever. The theme becomes that white/black stuff.
Try clearing your cache/cookies
Theme should be global now

This is the thread for submitting banners.
  • Banner must be 100x300px.
  • NSFW banners will not be accepted
  • Banner must be self made.
  • Banner must have Heyuri somewhere on it.
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These are great, good work!

File: 💾 bacon.jpg (9.13 KB, 236x162)
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i really like the style of the site, the fonts, the 2chan and old 4chan feels, i think if it was advertised more and got a decently sized userbase then it would be fucking great. The design and minimal amount of boards is very nice.

tl;dr pls continue to work on this, mr lolico, its grate.
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Thank you very much! I started losing motivation recently due to the lack of users and the fact that I have other things going on in my life.
i also have access to a large group of people on the internet, (1k), which i could publicly post heyuri to with the intent of growing the userbase. i would be interested in helping in modwork too if you ever needed.
That would be wonderful but not if it's low quality shitposters. As for being a moderator you need to contact me on Discord.

kill urselves my man
I've said it in another thread, I'm looking into possibly opening an IRC channel in the future but I won't unless I'm sure people would join it.

File: 💾 20180817_161952.jpg (995.7 KB, 1605x758)
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I know it's not much but having /b/ at all, as well as making it the random/off topic board makes this site just that much more of a 4chan clone.
That's just my opinion though.
It was confusing to people, but I am considering giving the boards the same naming convention as Futaba channel.
The board title would be something like "Off-Topic@Heyuri" instead of "/b/ - Off-Topic"

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