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7:Half-Life 6:No subject 1:what have you been playing? 3:No subject

Just finished playing HL:Blue Shift. Gearbox did a great job.
Can't wait for HL:A.

Go play Half-Life, it's free until march 20.…
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Anonymous 20/02/24(Mon)16:06 No.8
Anonymous 20/02/24(Mon)16:11 No.9

Play Marathon!
It's FLOSS, It's Fun, and it has reading!

So like, what have you been playing recently?
I just got back into TF2, and I've been playing a lot lately.…
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Anonymous 19/12/09(Mon)09:47 No.2
Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)02:34 No.5

It's a cool game. Rules change epic upon its participants voting.
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Anonymous 19/12/18(Wed)12:16 No.4

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