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K-on soundtrack is so fun! happy

Refute this…
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Anonymous 20/02/18(Tue)07:06 No.109

me rn…
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Anonymous 20/02/17(Mon)01:38 No.107

this is cringe board
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Anonymous 20/02/16(Sun)02:03 No.104

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Anonymous 19/12/31(Tue)06:32 No.82

Post ITT if you're feeling pretty swiggy swaggy! What's got you feeling swig today?…
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Anonymous 20/02/13(Thu)20:19 No.101


What do you think of this nice girl? we call her sessica over there in /s4s/ :^)…
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Anonymous 20/02/13(Thu)01:05 No.98

Whats going on on this board?…
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Anonymous 20/02/10(Mon)13:09 No.96

Flesh Fahrenheit has resumed recruitment. Aspiring members of Flesh Fahrenheit, your time is now.…
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Anonymous 19/12/04(Wed)15:56 No.62
Anonymous 19/12/06(Fri)12:33 No.63
FF Anonymous 20/02/05(Wed)06:48 No.94

Currently over 9000 unique users on this board.…
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no name field, wut the fug? Anonymous 20/02/04(Tue)07:48 No.93


lolico are you there? LOL x3
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lolico!!9rhmZknYH ## Admin 20/01/31(Fri)10:58 No.89
Anonymous 20/02/04(Tue)07:36 No.90

Share music, paintings, films and anything that could be considered art

Here's a few songs I've been enjoying recently:
(I don't really like Bod Dylan's singing style but this is a nice song)

Pic related is a nice drawing by Syd Barrett. He was more known as a singer but always preferred drawing.…
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Anonymous 19/12/30(Mon)03:35 No.81
Anonymous 19/12/31(Tue)21:29 No.83
Anonymous 20/01/12(Sun)13:39 No.84
Anonymous 20/01/29(Wed)08:15 No.85
Anonymous 20/01/30(Thu)12:24 No.86

c o c kYour fortune: Very Bad Luck
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Anonymous 19/12/27(Fri)09:14 No.78

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Anonymous 19/12/16(Mon)08:22 No.67

Holy f*ck it's ninjesus!…
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Anonymous 19/12/07(Sat)21:40 No.64
Anonymous 19/12/07(Sat)23:08 No.65

First thread, I guess?…
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Anonymous 19/11/24(Sun)23:36 No.2
Anonymous 19/11/25(Mon)09:34 No.3
Anonymous 19/11/25(Mon)10:02 No.4
Anonymous 19/11/25(Mon)10:05 No.5
Anonymous 19/11/25(Mon)10:15 No.6
Anonymous 19/11/28(Thu)17:09 No.11
Anonymous 19/11/28(Thu)17:45 No.12
Anonymous 19/11/28(Thu)18:22 No.13
Anonymous 19/11/28(Thu)18:39 No.14

/bant/ would like to say hello and have a little embassy thread with heyuri…
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Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)11:58 No.18
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:02 No.19
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:05 No.20
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:08 No.21
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:09 No.22
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:13 No.23
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:19 No.24
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:19 No.25
lolico ## Admin 19/12/01(Sun)12:23 No.26
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:24 No.27
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:25 No.28
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:28 No.29
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:29 No.31
lolico ## Admin 19/12/01(Sun)12:31 No.32
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:32 No.33
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:33 No.35
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:36 No.36
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:37 No.37
lolico ## Admin 19/12/01(Sun)12:39 No.39
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:49 No.42
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:52 No.43
lolico ## Admin 19/12/01(Sun)12:56 No.44
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)13:02 No.45
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)13:03 No.46
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)14:04 No.51
lolico ## Admin 19/12/01(Sun)14:08 No.52
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)22:53 No.56
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)22:58 No.57
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)23:18 No.58
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)23:21 No.59
Anonymous 19/12/02(Mon)02:42 No.60

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December lolico ## Admin 19/12/01(Sun)15:14 No.54

Post cats!…
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Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)11:51 No.17
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)12:44 No.41
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)13:10 No.47
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)13:11 No.48
Anonymous 19/12/01(Sun)13:18 No.49

Doing line integrals right now.
How about you guys?

Post fun or challenging problems to solve.

Please don't post homework that you haven't attempted yourself and checked on slader.com first.…
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Anonymous 19/11/26(Tue)10:17 No.8
Anonymous 19/11/26(Tue)10:56 No.9
Anonymous 19/11/26(Tue)14:59 No.10

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