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File: 💾 syd-green-bottles-700.jpg (330.77 KB, 700x939)
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Share music, paintings, films and anything that could be considered art

Here's a few songs I've been enjoying recently:
(I don't really like Bod Dylan's singing style but this is a nice song)

Pic related is a nice drawing by Syd Barrett. He was more known as a singer but always preferred drawing.
That drawing looks like shit, even I could make a piece of crap like that.
And the music is some weird half-western stuff, or it's just western done wrong. Edgy lyrics too.
The drawing is very simple, but it's nice imo. I didn't want to post something too obvious like the mona lisa
> And the music is some weird half-western stuff, or it's just western done wrong. Edgy lyrics too.
How is it weird? It's a bit old you could say
The lyrics of the first one are pretty good. They tell about how this guy, Mr Jones, doesn't understand this new subculture and as a result hates it. It doesn't fit his worldview, his imagination. I love it because you see it so often irl, with normalfag journalists and people hating imageboards and other subcultures without actually understanding "what's going on"

Anyway, it's ok that you didn't like my stuff. Post something that you like
With how easy it is to absorb content on the internet, I often find myself not appreciating single images as much as I otherwise would. It's kind of like how someone can have 1000+ games in their Steam Account and complain about having nothing to play.

I hope one day I can overcome this tendency to an extent.
I don't get why, in the west, the metric for artistic quality is how hard it is to make. It's like saying a house is well constructed because it used a certain hammer; the production is irrelevant when you're discussing a product.
>Ballad of a Thin Man
premium taste. Here's some of my favorites from Bob Dylan:

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