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Currently over 9000 unique users on this board.
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lolico are you there? LOL x3
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zOMG!1 your moar famous den moot.

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Share music, paintings, films and anything that could be considered art

Here's a few songs I've been enjoying recently:
(I don't really like Bod Dylan's singing style but this is a nice song)

Pic related is a nice drawing by Syd Barrett. He was more known as a singer but always preferred drawing.
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With how easy it is to absorb content on the internet, I often find myself not appreciating single images as much as I otherwise would. It's kind of like how someone can have 1000+ games in their Steam Account and complain about having nothing to play.

I hope one day I can overcome this tendency to an extent.
I don't get why, in the west, the metric for artistic quality is how hard it is to make. It's like saying a house is well constructed because it used a certain hammer; the production is irrelevant when you're discussing a product.
>Ballad of a Thin Man
premium taste. Here's some of my favorites from Bob Dylan:

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c o c kYour fortune: Very Bad Luck
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Spring water


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Holy f*ck it's ninjesus!
File: 💾 1568874189987.jpg (426.12 KB, 1594x2057)
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Holy sh*t it's mootkins!!
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It's me! Zoidberg!

First thread, I guess?
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longcat + nigra = tacgnol

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/bant/ would like to say hello and have a little embassy thread with heyuri
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I wish for mai waifu to be real!
Will send.
Hopefully you wish will be granted!
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Someone says "that my wife Neo the Ice Cream girl is so cute."

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